Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Space is pretty awesome. It's the perfect mix of science and art. There are a lot of people out there who have dedicated their lives to studying everything that is out of this world, and most of them will never get to experience living in the place that they study.

The people on the ISS are the lucky ones. They get to be a part of not only history, but a legacy of science. If you look into the sky, you might see a little dot flying through the heavens from time to time. If it doesn't have blinking lights (plane), a plume of fiery particles (meteor), or a big tail (comet), you've pretty much nailed it down to the ISS. You do not need a telescope to see it, and in fact can pick it up very well with the naked eye.

This means it can be caught on camera. This is my gallery of the ISS transits I've caught with my camera. Enjoy!

ISS flyby to the North on 9/16/15 in Lancaster, NY

The line is the ISS rising 6/2/15 in Lancaster, NY

The line is the ISS setting 6/2/15 in Lancaster, NY

ISS flyby to the North on 6/3/15 in Lancaster, NY