Sunday, July 19, 2015

Deep South Trip

I had the joy of travelling to the deep south this past week for work. I visited NASA Huntsville, Oak Ridge National Lab, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, and Georgia Tech, just to name a few. On this trip I saw a lot of cool things, but one thing I can definitely comment on about the south is that it's gorgeous. (And hot in July, but that's a different thing) Here are some of the pictures I took

The first night I was in Huntsville, this wicked thunderstorm passed through. Here's a long exposure from the end of the storm catching some lightning and the cars driving around

Huntsville is the cradle of rocketry, and so I was lucky enough to get to see the Saturn V on display outside, as well as inside the US Space and Rocket Center.

 These next two are from the travel up in Tennessee

 The grouping of pictures below are all from the downtown area of Atlanta